Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cocos2d - iPhone/iPod Touch Game Development

The Cocos2d Icon
Cocos2d is a 2d game library/framework, originally written in python, that was ported over to use Objective-C, and therefore can be used on the iPhone/iPod Touch.  It greatly simplifies some of the more difficult things with standard iPhone development and uses OpenGLES, which means it can take full advantage of the hardware.  Because it effectively serves as a wrapper around OpenGL, you can have a game up and running in a few hours, if you know what you're doing!  
I'll be posting some more tips about iPhone development in the next few days as well as additional information about cocos2d when I come across it in my code!  Have you seen anything better for iPhone development?
Grab Cocos2d for the iPod/iPhone here.


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