Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random Tip of the Month - Eliminate Blind Spots in your Car

I recently read an article on the New York Times which talked about a new device Ford is coming out with that alerts you to a car being present in your blind spot by lighting up a light on the respective side of your rear view mirror. Initially I thought, "This is genius!" but after reading on a little bit further I found that you can position your car mirrors in a certain position so as to completely remove blind spots from your car for free.

From the New York Times article:

"The driver leans his head against the driver’s window and sets the mirror so that the side of the vehicle is just visible. Then, the driver leans to the middle of the vehicle (between the front seats) and does the same thing with the passenger-side mirror."

I set out to test out this theory - after work, I placed my head against the driver's side window, adjusted until the side of the car was just along the side of the mirror at this angle...kind of how I would normally have it in my driver side mirror. Then I moved my head to the middle of the car and adjusted the right side mirror in the same manner as the other one from this perspective. OK! All set to go.

When I started driving, it was weird. I could see my surroundings moving quickly around me, something I guess I just never noticed before, maybe because my car was a static portion of the image in the mirror? Anyways, it was a little strange, but after I got on the highway, it was beautiful! I felt like I could see everything around me at all times! It was a little hard to adjust to at first, because I'm SO used to checking my blind spot but now I just need to do a little glance at the mirror and I'm good to go!

I suggest just giving it a shot if you're skeptical, after all - you can just change them back! Let me know of your experiences with this little trick in the comments below!

DISCLAIMER: I'm not held responsible for any damage to your car or you or anyone else because you adjusted your mirrors differently! I found this works for me, and you try it at your own risk!


  1. I'll give it a shot! lol take out the disclaimer so if it doesn't work I can sue :)

    - Matt M

  2. I had to take a safe driving class once, after a light turned red too fast on me. The instructor was an ex-cop who taught and recommended the same mirror technique. I've been using it successfully ever since. And no more red lights to boot!